Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily Post 23

Another busy day for me with the girlfriend :D well I say it was busy we were mainly just chilling out at mine but still great fun.
Here's a picture I took on my walk home after walking her home this evening, pretty much every day I will walk this Hill, usually up and down in that day, its not a massive hill and from the picture you can't really tell but it can be tiring to walk on especially when your already tired from a long day, Dunno why but I decided that it was a nice picture and so I thought I'd post it here! (I know its bad quality was walking at the time and used my blackberry to take it but the sky still looks nice haha)

Anyway my walk home was extended today by about an extra 40 minutes as my girlfriends brother had forgotten some of his stuff before he left and me being the ever so lovely boyfriend offered to take it to him as he was at some friends of his in my town so I could meet him somewhere on my way back, was kinda chilly and had to wait around for him but got it done and hopefully it will help me stay in the good books of my girlfriends mom :)

Saw the trailer to the new Conan The Barbarian movie! :O Wow, it looks pretty awesome I must say and for those who were nerdy enough to watch Stargate Atlantis would recognise the actor playing Conan as the same guy who played Ronan Dex.

All For Now

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Daily Post 22

Very quick post, back from Skegness (yes weird name don't know why haha) had a great weekend with the girlfriend wandering around the beach, some arcades and the usual stuff you do at the beach :D
Couldn't get and pictures as phone was too low battery sorry, weather was pretty good for England in the summer, has mainly sun and wind but was really nice.

Might be a few days till I can get things rolling with stuff for the blog again, still busy, very tired and just don't have a great amount of time.
Trying to think of something to talk about to fill this up a little bit but have no real ideas my brain has kinda melted, if I didn't go back and change all the typo's in this where I get one letter before the one before it like this: weher it would take 20 minutes to translate haha.

Sleep time now,
All For Now

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daily Post 21

Been a few days since I posted a Daily, as always been really busy but still managed to get Minecraft Monday posted and the new HSG Competition up and running, Hopefully you have checked it out, I admit I probably didn't choose the best game for this but it was the first one that came to mind when I needed a game I could embed. Maybe I'll have a better one next month sorry if you don't like the game.

Having caught up with all of Yogscast Minecraft videos I was forced to look for more things to watch and again StarCraft 2 has taken my eye, watching Total Biscuit play and cast  many different matches is quite fun :D

Looking forward to the coming Weekend it should be really awesome, however for the blog it will be a likely gap in content again...Sorry!, Saturday I've got a party with my girlfriends Mom's friends who are awesome haha You might ask, why and how did you end up being invited to a party with your girlfriend and her Mom and her friends? Well it started months back, the first party they had, they had invited my girlfriend but she didn't want to go alone thinking that 'it would be really boring' cause she didn't know the people and well who thinks that their mothers friends are going to be awesome?
So I got dragged along to this first one and well it was a blast! the people were cool, relaxed and generally it was really fun.
Now her Mom's friend is having another party so we are invited again! :D so we are going on Saturday which will be awesome, however we might not be able to stay as late as last time (like 1am then an hour walk home from my girlfriends house haha) cause on Sunday me, my family and my girlfriend are going to Skegness! (for those out the UK which is most of you, its basically the beach xD) and are leaving in the morning so want to be able to get up on Sunday required Saturday not being too late, I'm thinking around 12 to finish get home for 1AM then sleep for 6 hours :)

As you can tell I've got a busy weekend, I can't wait its gunna be awesome :D

Might get some pictures from Skegness so if there are any good ones I'll post them here but unfortunately the weather is likely to be quite dull, typical British summer.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

High Score Gaming Competition August Edition

Hello and welcome to High Score Gaming!
Every month I will be doing three posts on this topic, one to name the game for that month and talk about it etc,
the second about halfway through the month with a current score table of those who have submitted their scores on the first post
and the last post at the end of the month to announce the winner :)
Now as I said before I don't really have much to offer it's just a bit of fun, I hope you will all participate you never know you might win and ill probably do a post about you're blog and stuff :)

This months game is................
Balloons Tower Defence 3
There is a whole page dedicated to this please visit
or click on the button at the top of the page!

Good Luck and Have fun!

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