HSGC - High Score Gaming Competition

Welcome to High Score Gaming Competition
What is HSGC?
HSGC is a small competition run by me where every month I will post a new game and YOU the readers will be able to play and comment your best scores, You will have the whole month to do this and then at the end of the month I will create a table of the entries and the winner will get a prize!

Unfortunately I have no money so the prize will have to be something like a blog post dedicated to them or something.

This months game is Balloons Tower Defence 3
We will be playing the first level on medium to allow a range of players to be able to join in, the level number that you reach will be the deciding 'score' for this game, please don't lie this is all for fun remember!

Bloons Tower Defense 3

Played it? Comment below you're scores! you can enter as many times as you like but try to get better each time :D


Internet Catch Of The Day said...

This game is ruining my productivity! I will post a high score once I get a chance to play uninterrupted!

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