Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daily Post 20

Sorry again everyone for lack of posts, been really busy with the girlfriend for the last few days as I am again today as well, depending on what time I get back today I might be able to make a new post but it's unlikely, still got lots to do on tomorrows Minecraft Monday which may have to not include my project as its not near completion yet.
Just a quick update to explain why there has been no posts, hopefully I will be able to get some done this week coming with little interruptions :)

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Image Post 04

Ah time for another Image Post! :D


My kinda business hours

The Path

Blood or No Blood!

Popcorn slowmo

Join My Google Circle! 


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daily Post 19

Today started out with excitement as I thought I was going to see my girlfriend today, I woke up so happy it was crazy with a few texts to her I had decided to lazy around and get ready later, but then when it got to later I got a text which basically said she might be able to see me, at this point I was thinking 'I knew something would happen blehh ffs' and lots more but it turns out she did get here so YAY :D it's crazy how much I can miss her in such a short time.
Well shes gone now, left about an hour ago after we had some Pizza so apart from this I've spent most my day doing exactly what I did for the last few days, LoL and Yogscast, Watched some of Torchwood as well (If you don't know what that is google it, I may do a post on it later) 

Working on something to post on next weeks Minecraft Monday, it's not that great but something I did haha
Will probably go for another few games of LoL before bed.

Oh by the way I completed that Zombie game I posted, cause I so didn't stay up till 2am to race my friend at who could beat it first......>.>

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Templates 3

Went back onto template sites to have another look around here are some of them:

Google Plus

Google Plus is a free blogger template with 3 columns, sidebar on the right and left, minimalist and neutral colors.
Excellent layout for blogs about internet.
Download Google Plus for free on BTemplates.
Rating 3.8 out of 5 based on 5 bloggers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daily Post 18

Only one more day till I get to see my girl :D I can't wait I've missed her like crazy, she really is my world but anyway enough about that you will be bored if I posted a whole post about her and all the love stuff xD

Today consisted of......

Playing some Minecraft - Mining and building houses

Learning to Play Malzahar on League of Legends - Went pretty well if I may say so myself, I enjoy playing him he is quite a fun and interesting character just gotta work out the best items to be carrying with him.

Playing a Flash Game - Yes just the one, its pretty awesome it's called Impale
The basic idea of the game is to throw zombies at different targets such as spikes, bombs, spinning blades and much more! It's very addictive and quite a lot of fun however if you get stuck it can be so annoying! The aim is to complete every level with the least amount of Zombies used if you use less that 1000 total bonus levels are unlocked so give it a try!

And as always watching Yogscast, I don't watch it too much do I?...

Up to 28 followers now thanks a lot guys! I'm pretty sure I'm following you all as well, there are some really great blogs out there hoping more people come along soon.

Here's a GIF as a thank you xD what a catch!

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I'm a Dwarf and I'm digging a hole...

Guess this is a Minecraft thing but I'll post it today anyway, As I've said before watching lots of Yogscast and those who watch it will probably know this song haha :D 

   Awesome little song sung by Simon.
   Yes I know it's random and weird but it's been 
   stuck in my head for nearly a week now xD

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daily Post 17

It's been a few days since I did a daily post, maybe I should change the name of them or something as they are becoming less and less daily, oh well.
With the girlfriend gone away until Thursday I have very little to do, I know I could work on the blog and get some great posts out and I have done this a little but I just don't really have the motivation to do anything at the moment, I dunno I guess missing her has effected me more than I thought you probably think I'm being stupid but that's just how I'm feeling :/

So to try and keep myself occupied I decided to start cleaning up my room...why did I decide this! I mean seriously it's the most boring, crap and generally most hated thing to be doing with free time but I did, well I did a little which mainly involved moving large amounts of stuff from the floor to my bed and now I have to sort it or I can't sleep...maybe my subconscious knew this and wanted to make sure I did it...who knows, All I know is there's a massive pile of stuff in the way of me sleeping comfortably. The urge to just push all the stuff on the floor is overwhelming but I know I shouldn't as it will just lead to more work for me later.
As a break from this I started playing League of Legends (LoL) again for a few games, Now I'm not the greatest player by any means, really I'm probably below average but I have fun and people don't expect the kills I get with Morgana (a character in the game) especially early on which makes it fun to see peoples reactions. I might do some separate posts about LoL another time (let me know what you think)

Anyway lots to do before I can sleep so I better get started!
Shout out to Zombie of for helping me with yesterdays post, hopefully they are working correctly so all is good again :)

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Let Me Google That For You - Site Review

Let Me Google That For You is a great site that allows you to send a google search to your friends without all the hastle of the random numbers and letters that we don't really understand after them,
Im sure many of you have already heard of this site but some may not so here is a little post about it :)

So here it is, LMGTFY is a very simple website that allows you to google something for someone else to see without all the numbers and letters in a normal google search, here are some examples:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Minecraft Monday Week 1

So I've decided to have Minecraft Monday, this will be anything to do with Minecraft that I want to post so some weeks it could be lots of stuff and others could be just one or two :) Hope you like the idea!

So first...
I saw this and thought hmm would be good, what would you call it though? 
Obsidian Sword is a little boring...
Dark Sword
Black Sword
Anyway just thought this was interesting. 

How about a little introduction to Minecraft...
Taken from the website:
Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. It also has music by C418! So far 10,906,377 people have registered and 2,879,089 people bought the game.
 If you visit the site you will find this video on the front page, it sums up Minecraft quite well I think. 
An interesting idea for a game really and to think it was all programmed pretty much by one guy, Markus "Notch" Persson, he spent the good part of 2 years creating this game which is still only in Beta however with sales as high as they are already it's going to be a hit for a long time. 

Also it seems the website data has not been updated as Notch reported early this month of over 10 million Minecraft Users!!

Next Week....
A bit about Notch
and probably something else :)

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Ok so no post yesterday...what happened!?!
Well was pretty busy all day so didn't really have time but mainly Its cause I got an email from Google...
ahh the dreaded email...bleh bleh bleh we are closing your adsense account bleh bleh stupid bullshit about fake clickers and stuff.
Well I've appealed but it's unlikely to actually change anything so don't know exactly what I'm going to be doing :/ I enjoy blogging yes but the potential for some income was very nice :/

I'll probably continue posting but I'm busy looking for other ways that are better than adsense

Sorry for all this crap

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daily Post 16

Home after a busy day in town with the girlfriend :)
For the first time ever in the 15 months that we've been together we went shopping and I bought something for me and not her! haha got a new hoodie and this awesome batman t-shirt so that's me done for new clothes this year.
up to 18 followers now so thanks a lot everyone! hope that you all enjoy reading my dribble that I post here and keep commenting :)

Chicken Pie for dinner was really nice, I dunno why but pie is just amazing, i mean you get the really nice meat and the delicious gravy inside and this awesome crispy crusty pastry on the outside, throw some mashed potatoes and veg and its gotta be one of the best dinners ever!

Feel a little tired now though so not really in the mood to do very much, so gunna check out some of you're awesome blogs and see what I can come up with myself :)
Spent a large amount of time in a pet store today, the girlfriend loves pets so she had to go look at 'the cute little faces' as she puts it haha
I have to admit some of them are quite cute though xD

Anyway need sleep

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Daily Post 15

A quick daily before I go to bed,
Last day was today so now 4 weeks off which should be great, relax and sleeping is on the menu but also a lot of blog stuff hopefully,
Just to keep you up to date I've got a number of things that I am working on to see if they are good enough to blog about and some cool stuff that I will probably post about sometime.
Thank you so much for you're support, everyone who's commenting and following it really helps to give me motivation to do more and try and make my blog as good as some of yours!
So keep an eye out for stuff in the next week, its unlikely anything new other than dailys will be posted this weekend out with the girlfriend pretty much all weekend so yeah :)

Anyway like I said a quick post, thanks a lot everyone!
Any ideas or anything please comment I love hearing what people want to hear about :)
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Image Post 03

Time for this weeks Image post! :D 
Some great ones this week. hope you like them!

King of Time

''Damn you had the same idea as me!''

If I had to choose a butterfly it would be this :D its so cool

Man Made Elephant? 

An accurate pie chart of my education

I don't like pears but wow

Cause if I did that it would be fine....


I believe there is a sale...

All For Now

P.S. Removed image verification sorry I had left it on I forgot to take it off :D 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daily Post 14

Ok guys and gals hoping to have a good post today! :D at least a good Daily one that is, Sorry about the last few days being quite quiet and not visiting all of your blogs as well but I shall get around to that as soon as I finish this post! :D
That's it for me, no more talk about stupid coursework and deadlines until sometime in October I believe so you will not have to hear about them at all for all that time after this post, I promise, last time....
So deadline was today, I needed 3 units for every subject that's a total of 9 units and I managed to get what is basically 7 fully completed and 3 halfway through so I should be ok, they can't complain at me for not getting work done if the teacher has had the work for over a month and not marked it haha.
Anyway that's what's mainly been taking up my time working to ensure that I don't get kicked out for not doing my coursework (agh the dreaded word again sorry!) aside from that this week has gone quite quickly to say its the last week for a month (yes I have crappy weird holidays) looking to try and spend as much time with the girlfriend as I can before Monday as she goes away for a few days and will miss her loads.

So while I've been sort of 'inactive' in the blogging world I thought I would find something for me to do some great posts on...well that didn't happen so It looks like its just daily stuff for awhile sorry guys, I will however let you know that I'm planning to try and do another post like my Black and White 2 one but on another game in the next week or so, make sure you look out for that!
Still watching lots of Yogscast, I guess they are a main topic that I have spoken about again and again but I just love their videos so I will keep watching them!
Been messing around on an online multiplayer game by the name of Tribal Wars .Net it's a pretty good game if you know what you're doing and great for people with little time to play games lots and lots, you can jump on for maybe 40 or 50 minutes sort stuff out to do it while you're away and come back, I guess its just something I like most people probably won't but if you do then have fun playing it!

List of the game short-cuts on my desktop xD
On my laptop I've got a number of games which I pretty much have not even touched, such as Crysis 2, Shogun 2, Starcraft 2 and a few others, I can't help but think I should do something with them but I'm not a great player that I can record myself playing them or anything like that, I was thinking of finding a new game and blogging as I play through it exploring the world and learning as I blog sharing it with everyone of course it will have to include spoilers but still something fun to do...I dunno I'll have to look into it some more, let me know what you guys think!

Hmm think this is all for now, I'll be leaving the Tetris game at the bottom of the blog for awhile longer till I can find something else to replace it so be sure to check it out and post a score!
---maybe a weekly post with a game in it and a competition who can get the highest score gets a blog post on them (not much I know but it's the best I can do) --- ill have too think about it...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Daily Post 13

Sorry guys really busy with stuff lately so that's why the quick badly done post yesterday.
Coursework deadline is basically tomorrow morning so lots of work to do for me, sorry I haven't been commenting on some of your awesome blogs I will try to get around to it ASAP it will probably be a few days till I can get back to my normal posts.

All For Now

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Guy...Memorable Songs!

 Here are some random family guy songs...enjoy them!

Bird is the Word


Freakin FCC

Pie Song

Theme Tune! :D Yes a Minecraft version cause I thought it was epic!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Daily Post 12

Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny.
Bob Marley

A quote like this really is true, people think that they don't have a choice that what they do is chosen and they have no choice whether they like it or not, but I say, fuck that.
We all have a choice whether its to work at that store or to go to college, or to quit everything pack up and go on an adventure, we can do what we want as long as we put our minds to it, yes ok we can't always do things straight away things need planning and working on but that doesn't mean we don't have a choice.
So I just want to tell you all that you should embrase your freedom, it is yours and don't let anyone try to take it from you! sure things that society tells you that you need to do are often the right thing to do for most people but if YOU don't want to then in most cases you don't have to, you just have to be sure you are ready to take on anything you challenge.

A little bit of a weird post today I know, it's just something thats been in my head all day I guess so I thought I would let it out here and hope that I can get on with things now as today is the first day since two good friends of mine broke up, after 9 months they just kinda ended (more her ending than him I think) but things just get complicated don't they, He's gotten all depressed and basically putting himself down all the time saying he is worthless and to be honest it's starting to get on my nerves, like there is only so many things I can say to him before I'm just repeating myself over and over, I understand the place he is in and I'm trying to help but I have my own stuff to deal with aswell, bleh I don't know why I'm writing this here but oh well something to write I guess.
Also found out today my IT teacher has gone off for the last week of term so no I am stuck with him not marking my work I can't get it signed off which means my place at college next year is underthreat! I need to have 6 units done by thursday and I currently have 5 but I can't get the last one signed off cause he is away and the other teachers will mark the work differently, you know how every teacher marks differently, and I would likely have a million corrections to make to it so I'm kinda stuck not knowing what to do really just gunna have to hope that I don't get kicked out cause of it :/
Apart from all that today was an OK day, did lots of work and got to see the girlfriend :D Going round her's tomorrow so will be a later post and likely only the one for tomorrow as I won't have time for much more.
Oh found a job I might be able to get working at a company called Screwfix Direct, they sell tools and stuff generally hoping to be working there just gotta fill in this application that my friends dad (who recently quit from his job at the same place) gave me, hoping that even with my lack of any real jobs before I will get some time as I'm really in need of the money!

All For Now
P.S. - Posted a Game Post today so be sure to check that out and also Tetris is still at the bottom of my blog so play and post you're scores!!

Game Post: Black And White 2

Black & White 2 is a computer game developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Electronic Arts and Feral Interactive. It's predecessor was the game that kicked off the god game in 2001, that game was good but this one is better!

In the game you played as a god who had been born from the prayers of a innocent family who's son is drowning, your first task is to save the boy from this point on the village worships you as their god, you work to complete quests that teach you new skills and help the villagers develop their village more. War and Impressiveness are two main ways of taking over other villages and eventually taking over the island you are on, War is obvious attacking with an army you have created and Impressiveness looks at your village or town and calculates its Impressiveness depending on the buildings, populations happiness and general things, if a village is impressed by yours they will migrate to you and ask to move into your village.

The fundamental part of the game is the choice between Good and Evil, choosing to be Good or Evil changes the way you can play the game meaning that it has replay value because you can play it differently every time.
Good and Evil are represented by these characters here, they help guide you along the path you choose weather it be Good or Evil

As a God you get to choose a creature who you can control and tell to do your bidding, You become the creatures owner and teacher with you having to teach the creature what is right and wrong and what you want and don't want it to do. 

As you teach your creature, look after it and get further into the game it grows here are examples of some full grown creatures:

The game's interface is based around a hand which you control with your mouse, at the beginning there is a tutorial which teaches you all the things you need to know about movement, selection and control. Here is a screenshot of the basic game interface, you can see the hand used for moving yourself around, interacting with the soldiers and lots more!The hand is not visible to the villagers however the things it does (e.g pick up trees, rocks) are seen by the villagers so some reaction sometimes occurs.

Another main part of the game is the Miracles, to preform Miracles you need Prayer energy, this is gained exactly how you would think by having your disciples pray at your temple.
Here is your temple, your disciples will pray here and gather up the amount of Prayer energy you have to spend on Miracles such as rain and fireball


The game itself may be old but can still be a very fun and entertaining game to play weather its a casual gamer playing a few hours a week or a hardcore gamer looking for continuous hours of enjoyment and good game play. 

I know this kinda review/little chat about the game is very short and misses out a lot of information about the game and other parts however I will be ending it here

I give this game 4/5 rating and a MUST PLAY for any PC gamers who enjoy simulation games with great replay value!

What do you think of the game? 
Have you played it before? 


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daily Post 11

Nearly put Daily Post 011 as im used to putting the 0 first xD, Ok quite a bit to talk about today.....

Firstly what have I been up today spent  most of the afternoon with my amazing girlfriend I won't say anything more as I doubt anyone here really wants to read a load of lovey dovey crap haha
After a busy night last night of visiting some awesome blogs and finding some that I liked enough to comment and follow! I've had more followers! Yay! up to 9 Followers from the time that I've posted this, I must thank you guys so much you have no idea how disheartening it is when you put in effort for posts and don't get any response.
So I thought I should do something to thank these 9 people for following me so here's a quick list of them you should follow if you already don't :) - J's blog about Anime and Manga - A great read some interesting stuff and is always updating - Dylanthulhu's blog about music - Some pretty awesome music on here, lots of discussion and detail as well :)    - Choms1337's blog about games and currently Shift 2! Choms has other blogs but I think this is his main one and the one I like the most and - Cory's blog about Android Apps and the second one is his new one, only just began seems quite interesting check it out! :) - Byakuya's index of blogs which has been done nicely to so I didn't have to try and choose one of the blogs to include! - Zombie's blog about all things Zombie! - Claude's blog about Anime and Manga - another awesome one! - tamezisclutch's blog about Life and Other Random Stuff :D

Thank you to you all, I have had some others comment but not follow maybe they will later :)

I hope you have read my rather large post about exams and coursework don't worry if its too much text that you can't be bothered to read I won't be too upset :'(.....

xD jokes :)

All For Now
P.S. New Game at the bottom of the blog....Your Highest scores? Comment Below!

The World Of Coursework and Exams

Time for something a little different from the daily posts....

Most of you won't understand some of this but don't worry as the key factors are still the same, the British school system is a little different to USA just think of A Level Courses as College Courses cause thats what they are basically :) 

An average student takes 4 subjects at A Level, usually these can be either 4 A level courses of which most are 100% exam or integrate what is known as BTEC subjects which are 100% coursework, Now a good idea would be maybe to take one BTEC right? Have one subject that you don't have to worry about the exam for because it is all coursework.
However I am just so smart enough to have taken 3 BTEC's and 1 A Level course, this means that I am over run with coursework which I'm sure most people have experienced something similar to this........

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Daily Post 10

The tenth daily post! woo, Saturday again been a busy day in town wandering around with the girlfriend, weather decided to be mean to use and rained for most of the day but some sun later on which was nice :)
A bit of drama and the usual made town quite fun, went around to some shops looking for jobs nothing yet but will keep trying.

Still watching Yogscast stuff haha will be for quite awhile, been playing Minecraft again messing around with super mines and lots of other random crap haha.

Currently I'm using my sisters old Blackberry till my contract runs out and I can get a new one and I've been using this Blackberry Curve for a few weeks, I gotta say that it is actually quite a good phone, I don't have the Blackberry internet so I can't say about the internet features which is what a Blackberry is mainly used for but as a general phone it works great!
The keypad as many people will have seen and you can see in this picture is really small, to start with I had thought that it would have been imposible for me to use one as the tip of my finger easily takes up two of the buttons but somehow it works, I can type on it just as fast as I could my old touch screen Samsung and don't make too many mistakes :D
If I had the internet im sure it would be an even better phone, I have just over two months till my contract runs out so I need to start looking at new ones and I'm considering keeping the Blackberry, Anyone got one or have any storys about them? something I should know or anything?

Gotta say thanks to my latest follower,  Cory of Check him out reviewing Android Apps so you don't waste time with crappy apps!

Still looking for something to really blog about so just keeping it as a daily thing and whatever comes into my head :) Any suggestions? comment below :)

All For Now

Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily Post 09

Sorry about yesterday i didn't have time to write a daily blog so this will be daily number 09 :)

So today was 'Sports Day' for the lower years and that meant that the whole school was away doing sports but for us we were stuck in the library working on that stupid coursework I keep going on about.
However with the hours of time in the libraryworking there was some relief as we had a power cut, this had happened yesterday as well the weird thing is it was at the exact same time today!
Power came back on a few seconds later but the servers were down whcih meant we couldn't log into the computer for awhile so I did get a little break.

Been watching Yogscast videos more since the last post about them currently watching their 'Minecraft Survival Multiplayer' Very fun to watch especially for those who have not played Minecraft much and want to see how people play it.
Had a kinda serious lot of thinking as well today, with my girlfriend and I being so close and her hating her parents we are looking to try and move out sometime next year, now moving out means we need money which is the hard part :/ it's all reliant on me being able to get a good job and save up enough money for us, now I do love her a lot but it is a lot of pressure and I can't help feeling that I will let her down and I really don't want to do that so I'm looking for any job or any way of making money that I can do until the time I start wanting to move out, Hopefully I will find something but no idea right now.

So all in all a little stressful today gunna relax with some Yogscast videos and pasta :D No real ideas on what to blog about so ideas would be loved! Followers are also loved! :)

All For Now

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Image Post 02

This Weeks Images/Gifs! 

Comfy head?

Epic Graffiti! 

xD xD



Wartortle? xD 


Whats you're favorite this week? comment below!
All For Now 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Daily Post 08

Wednesday, finally got that unit of work done only two more to go! for next
Spent most the day doing coursework but some of it watching a youtube video series called:
Professor Grizwald and the Redstone Keys
- This is a play through of an adventure game which has been created within the popular game Minecraft, played by a group of people know as Yogscast (some of you Minecrafters may already know these) they have a podcast which is probably where they got the cast from their name which is quite entertaining however so far I have only really watched this series of videos.
Heres a link to part 1, its 6 parts long doesn't really take too long to watch and the commentary and jokes along the way are great fun. I must say that I have enjoyed watching them play this more than I have enjoyed playing some games so the entertainment level is there!
Professor Grizwald and the Redstone Keys
Here is the first episode of this little series for you to have a look at :)

Anyway for those who read yesterdays post I have posted a snake game at the bottom of the blog I shall probably keep it there for a few more days so play it and comment here you're level played and score see if your the best from the blog readers!

All For Now

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daily Post 07

Really quick post here not had much time to blog at all today so gotta quickly type something out, busy day doing work today at college some author guy came in and we were forced to listen to him talk about himself and his books and motivation for over an hour, so boring, trying to get us to be motiviated to work hard in school bleh bleh bleh. During this time I could have had one of my Units of work completed but instead I was busy listening to him talk about him wanting to be a pilot and then having no life for 5 years till he got to be one soooo boring.
Crappy blog today sorry everyone,

All For Now

P.S. Scrolling to the bottom of my blog theres a suprise for you all :) much love sam

Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily Post 06

Funny I couldn't think how many of these I have done now somehow I got the number 8 from where I don't know so felt like I had to check and sure enough this is number 6.
Been working quite hard on my coursework today so feeling a little tired, Im hoping to have a whole unit of my work complete by the end of tomorrow which will leave me with one less thing to have to worry about however there is no time for me to sit back and relax yet as I still have a large amount left to do for next thursday....maybe I should be doing it now but I really don't want to right now feeling tired and will only make mistakes which will require me doing more work so best to leave it for the night I think.

I've been exploring blogs over the last few days, following and commenting on some of the ones I find interesting, I hope that these bloggers check out this blog however crappy it may be even if they just leave helpful tips all is welcome.
Now I was exploring some of the blogs that I have followed and came across this post on the blog
In this post -
Claude has posted a link to a very quick very simple game he created to incorperate this music he likes, now I've tried it out and the game however basic and random and strange it looks is actually ok to play, a little confusing but overall a entertaining game, I would love to know more from him about what he programmed it in, how long it took him and generally if he is going to make more so if your reading Claude let me know! :)
Check out his blog also very good and interesting but don't forget to keep reading mine even though his is better haha.

All For Now

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Daily Post 05

Today seems to have been quite boring for me with little contact with anyone I just kinda spent the day as a loner, which I know no I don't like. Sundays are usually quite slow people don't really do much as they know that tomorrow they are gunna have to get up early and go to school/college/work! and everyone loves doing that !!!
Still no real ideas in what way to take this blog with what I can tell I have 2 readers so hope you guys (or girls) let me know what you would like to hear. Till then I'm probably gunna keep an eye out daily to find stuff to blog about.
Today while being a loner for the day I watched F1 (Formula One for those who don't know about it) which was the British Grand Prix this weekend so was bound to be a great race which it was, typical British weather making the race unpredictable untill near the end where a small mistake cost Vettel the win leaving Alonso to take his first victory which I feel he deserved.
If you don't watch F1 but do like watching motor racing I would recommend it as its a very good sport to watch very enjoyable!

Anywho, its nearly half 11 at night for me I had just remembered that I did not post a Daily today so thought I should try and keep consistant in the first month or so, If you like my blog please recommend it to friends or other bloggers, would love to do a post about your blog in return for you doing one about mine or something! :)
Hmm that may be an idea, blog reviews... hmmmm

All For Now

Which Browser?

There are many internet browsers around, such as Chrome, Opera, FireFox, IE and many others but the overlying question is...which do you use?

 The three i will mainly use are:

 Opera, released Opera 10 not so long ago, simple design and easy to use but has lots of additional features including messaging services, integration with other on-line resources and much more! to find out more

 Why I use it, Ease of use and its ability to handle my many many many tabs, it has an awesome feature which allows you to group tabs together and shrink them into a small group for use later. so for me i have a facebook/email folder, blogging folder, etc.

 Chrome, the newest of the three browsers I mainly use it has great loading times and using it with google products is very easy, small browser convenient for travel or small storage laptops.
More info:

Why I use it, in school ill download it as I like it more than IE and if I'm logging into my google account and not blogging im likely to use Chrome but as I said before I use Opera for daily use/blogging.

 Firefox, just released Firefox 4 to me it looks very similar to Opera I believe they may have copied some things from Opera. Anyway Firefox is a great all round browser add ons and extensions are many including easy access and control of grease monkey scripts.
More info:

Why I use, lately I've gone off using Firefox that much I guess I use it if i need to use a grease monkey script however chrome handles them just as well so I don't really have a dedicated use for Firefox at the moment.

 So do you use any of these? which do you use and why? or do you use another browser I haven't mentioned? Comment Below.

p.s I haven't added anything for Mac as I only work on PC's sorry Mac users.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Daily Post 04

At weekends especially on Saturday I like to go into town with my friends and just hang out for awhile, we go to a place we call 'Westies' which is a little park with a big field so there is lots of room for all of us as there can be over 50 of us sometimes.
Today there were quite a few however It wasn't the best cause my girlfriend is currently grounded meaning she wasn't there so I'm missing her like crazy right now :/ Hopefully tomorrow isn't too bad cause don't get to see her then either.

Anyway wandering around town I noticed that some people are so loud on their phones, I was on the other side of the road and could hear everything this guy was saying it was like he was shouting but it was a normal conversation, I nearly went over and said 'look everyone doesn't want to hear your conversation and the microphone is right in fucking front of you so just talk dont shout' but me being me I couldn't be bothered and didn't really want to start something as I wasn't in the mood for a confrontation.
But seriously I don't understand how people can talk on the phone so loud if the person can't hear them they should turn the sound up not shout down the bloody phone!
Gahhh xD
Stupid little rant over I guess you could say today was a good day, not sure what i'm doing tomorrow but I'm sure I'll figure something out apart from the massiver amount of coursework that I have 2 weeks to complete (guess I should do a little bit of it).

How has you're day been? Are there loud people on their phones where you live?
Loving my One Follower by the way :D Zombie you're blog is ace keep it up!
Hoping for some more soooon.

All For Now

P.S. I lost the game.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Templates 2 + Daily Post 03

Friday, A great day as its before the weekend! Had quite a busy day at school doing coursework and seeing the girlfriend so nothing really to blog about today in that way.
However today I've read on people's blogs that they are too hot, oh no the weather is so hot the sun is so bright well for me the weather has been typical British weather, random, wet and ever changing!
This will take awhile xD
Morning - Dull moving to Rain
Lunch - Sunny then Thunderstorm
Afternoon - Rain then Sun
Evening - Rain then Sun again
Crazy right? I mean seriously just choose a weather and stick to it!

Been playing around the templates and taken bits of different ones to try and make something of my own that also works everything in blogger with little effort, what I've got so far I like quite a lot but still want to make some edits till I perfect it.
While looking at templates I've found a few that I think are cool but don't really want to use xD
- This template has a nice design having the 2 columns on the left however I don't like so much, but the rest of the template looks good
 - This one looks awesome aswell the top pattern is really nice and the colours work well. 
- A random one but it's pretty cool how it looks so similarly to Facebook :D

Anyway just chilling at home now with Shutter Island on the TV watching it again, a good film for those who haven't seen it, while trying to think of something cool to talk about unfortunatly it isn't going very well.
Have an idea for me? would love to hear it!

All For Now

Death Note

Currently Re-Reading Death Note Manga on MangaShare ill post the link in here somewhere.
A little more about me I guess, I do like manga quite a lot its quick to read and the story lines are amazing as well as some of the art work but I've not really had chance for just over a year so all the manga I used to read that are continuous such as Bleach are so far a head I can't even remember where I was so I thought to start off my manga reading again I'd re-read Death Note.
For those that don't know Death Note is probably one of the best manga ever, its storyline is epic, the characters and the depth of the manga itself is great and well I just love it :D
Here's the link for anyone who wants to check it out! - 
With just over 100 chapters it's a nice length where you get to know a lot about the story and characters but it's not so long that it will take you months to read it.

 Should be posting a Daily later, be sure to check out my other posts!

All For Now!
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