Sunday, July 10, 2011

Daily Post 05

Today seems to have been quite boring for me with little contact with anyone I just kinda spent the day as a loner, which I know no I don't like. Sundays are usually quite slow people don't really do much as they know that tomorrow they are gunna have to get up early and go to school/college/work! and everyone loves doing that !!!
Still no real ideas in what way to take this blog with what I can tell I have 2 readers so hope you guys (or girls) let me know what you would like to hear. Till then I'm probably gunna keep an eye out daily to find stuff to blog about.
Today while being a loner for the day I watched F1 (Formula One for those who don't know about it) which was the British Grand Prix this weekend so was bound to be a great race which it was, typical British weather making the race unpredictable untill near the end where a small mistake cost Vettel the win leaving Alonso to take his first victory which I feel he deserved.
If you don't watch F1 but do like watching motor racing I would recommend it as its a very good sport to watch very enjoyable!

Anywho, its nearly half 11 at night for me I had just remembered that I did not post a Daily today so thought I should try and keep consistant in the first month or so, If you like my blog please recommend it to friends or other bloggers, would love to do a post about your blog in return for you doing one about mine or something! :)
Hmm that may be an idea, blog reviews... hmmmm

All For Now


Zombie said...

hey man, i know how you feel. Sundays are always slow for me too. lol.

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

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