Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daily Post 07

Really quick post here not had much time to blog at all today so gotta quickly type something out, busy day doing work today at college some author guy came in and we were forced to listen to him talk about himself and his books and motivation for over an hour, so boring, trying to get us to be motiviated to work hard in school bleh bleh bleh. During this time I could have had one of my Units of work completed but instead I was busy listening to him talk about him wanting to be a pilot and then having no life for 5 years till he got to be one soooo boring.
Crappy blog today sorry everyone,

All For Now

P.S. Scrolling to the bottom of my blog theres a suprise for you all :) much love sam


Zombie said...

hey man! Glad to see you got another follower!! :)

Claude said...

That snake game at the bottom...

Click python
dead without having a chance to press anything :3

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