Saturday, July 16, 2011

Daily Post 10

The tenth daily post! woo, Saturday again been a busy day in town wandering around with the girlfriend, weather decided to be mean to use and rained for most of the day but some sun later on which was nice :)
A bit of drama and the usual made town quite fun, went around to some shops looking for jobs nothing yet but will keep trying.

Still watching Yogscast stuff haha will be for quite awhile, been playing Minecraft again messing around with super mines and lots of other random crap haha.

Currently I'm using my sisters old Blackberry till my contract runs out and I can get a new one and I've been using this Blackberry Curve for a few weeks, I gotta say that it is actually quite a good phone, I don't have the Blackberry internet so I can't say about the internet features which is what a Blackberry is mainly used for but as a general phone it works great!
The keypad as many people will have seen and you can see in this picture is really small, to start with I had thought that it would have been imposible for me to use one as the tip of my finger easily takes up two of the buttons but somehow it works, I can type on it just as fast as I could my old touch screen Samsung and don't make too many mistakes :D
If I had the internet im sure it would be an even better phone, I have just over two months till my contract runs out so I need to start looking at new ones and I'm considering keeping the Blackberry, Anyone got one or have any storys about them? something I should know or anything?

Gotta say thanks to my latest follower,  Cory of Check him out reviewing Android Apps so you don't waste time with crappy apps!

Still looking for something to really blog about so just keeping it as a daily thing and whatever comes into my head :) Any suggestions? comment below :)

All For Now


gog said...

im liking this.

Dylanthulhu said...

I don't know how you use a Blackberry's keypad, but then again I have huge fingers.

tamezisclutch said...

My sister has a black berry also it's actually a pretty good phone.

Byakuya said...

Good job on keeping up the posting, I used to own a blackberry curve for a while, nice phone.

Blog about gaming! =3 Who doesn't love gaming.

Liking the content so far anyway! Followed.

Scrubby Bear said...

I like it!

Cory McGuffin said...

I wouldn't go with a blackberry, Rim is in a bad way right now. iPhones are really nice but still in my opinion I like the android phones. Depending on what service you have it would be hard to recommend a specific phone. There is a new 3d phone out that doesn't use glasses.

Thanks for the shout out! Oh why don't you write about cell phones while you're researching which one to buy for yourself.

Choms1337 said...

yeah I like blackberry ;P I think they create a very good mobile phone :P followed ;)

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