Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daily Post 14

Ok guys and gals hoping to have a good post today! :D at least a good Daily one that is, Sorry about the last few days being quite quiet and not visiting all of your blogs as well but I shall get around to that as soon as I finish this post! :D
That's it for me, no more talk about stupid coursework and deadlines until sometime in October I believe so you will not have to hear about them at all for all that time after this post, I promise, last time....
So deadline was today, I needed 3 units for every subject that's a total of 9 units and I managed to get what is basically 7 fully completed and 3 halfway through so I should be ok, they can't complain at me for not getting work done if the teacher has had the work for over a month and not marked it haha.
Anyway that's what's mainly been taking up my time working to ensure that I don't get kicked out for not doing my coursework (agh the dreaded word again sorry!) aside from that this week has gone quite quickly to say its the last week for a month (yes I have crappy weird holidays) looking to try and spend as much time with the girlfriend as I can before Monday as she goes away for a few days and will miss her loads.

So while I've been sort of 'inactive' in the blogging world I thought I would find something for me to do some great posts on...well that didn't happen so It looks like its just daily stuff for awhile sorry guys, I will however let you know that I'm planning to try and do another post like my Black and White 2 one but on another game in the next week or so, make sure you look out for that!
Still watching lots of Yogscast, I guess they are a main topic that I have spoken about again and again but I just love their videos so I will keep watching them!
Been messing around on an online multiplayer game by the name of Tribal Wars .Net it's a pretty good game if you know what you're doing and great for people with little time to play games lots and lots, you can jump on for maybe 40 or 50 minutes sort stuff out to do it while you're away and come back, I guess its just something I like most people probably won't but if you do then have fun playing it!

List of the game short-cuts on my desktop xD
On my laptop I've got a number of games which I pretty much have not even touched, such as Crysis 2, Shogun 2, Starcraft 2 and a few others, I can't help but think I should do something with them but I'm not a great player that I can record myself playing them or anything like that, I was thinking of finding a new game and blogging as I play through it exploring the world and learning as I blog sharing it with everyone of course it will have to include spoilers but still something fun to do...I dunno I'll have to look into it some more, let me know what you guys think!

Hmm think this is all for now, I'll be leaving the Tetris game at the bottom of the blog for awhile longer till I can find something else to replace it so be sure to check it out and post a score!
---maybe a weekly post with a game in it and a competition who can get the highest score gets a blog post on them (not much I know but it's the best I can do) --- ill have too think about it...

All For Now


gog said...


Zombie said...

your posts are always good man! :)

Copyboy said...

Well I'm definitely looking forward to B&W 2 or is it 3?

StigmataHandjob said...

You must have a pretty nice laptop to be able to play Crysis 2 on it. Nice post!

Desk said...

Nice, keep it up.

The Dawg said...

Shogun 2 seems pretty good, why not try it?

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