Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily Post 06

Funny I couldn't think how many of these I have done now somehow I got the number 8 from where I don't know so felt like I had to check and sure enough this is number 6.
Been working quite hard on my coursework today so feeling a little tired, Im hoping to have a whole unit of my work complete by the end of tomorrow which will leave me with one less thing to have to worry about however there is no time for me to sit back and relax yet as I still have a large amount left to do for next thursday....maybe I should be doing it now but I really don't want to right now feeling tired and will only make mistakes which will require me doing more work so best to leave it for the night I think.

I've been exploring blogs over the last few days, following and commenting on some of the ones I find interesting, I hope that these bloggers check out this blog however crappy it may be even if they just leave helpful tips all is welcome.
Now I was exploring some of the blogs that I have followed and came across this post on the blog
In this post -
Claude has posted a link to a very quick very simple game he created to incorperate this music he likes, now I've tried it out and the game however basic and random and strange it looks is actually ok to play, a little confusing but overall a entertaining game, I would love to know more from him about what he programmed it in, how long it took him and generally if he is going to make more so if your reading Claude let me know! :)
Check out his blog also very good and interesting but don't forget to keep reading mine even though his is better haha.

All For Now


Zombie said...

Keep up the great work of following and commenting. You will be getting new followers soon! :)

Claude said...

Naw, thanks SamArmy, glad it was at least somewhat entertaining. Thanks for the feedback (and the plug ;))

To make this game I used Game maker which is pretty simple to use and you can pick up for free on the net, I'd play a game if you made one :)

And yes, continuing to follow and comment is the best way to bring people to see your blog.

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