Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily Post 09

Sorry about yesterday i didn't have time to write a daily blog so this will be daily number 09 :)

So today was 'Sports Day' for the lower years and that meant that the whole school was away doing sports but for us we were stuck in the library working on that stupid coursework I keep going on about.
However with the hours of time in the libraryworking there was some relief as we had a power cut, this had happened yesterday as well the weird thing is it was at the exact same time today!
Power came back on a few seconds later but the servers were down whcih meant we couldn't log into the computer for awhile so I did get a little break.

Been watching Yogscast videos more since the last post about them currently watching their 'Minecraft Survival Multiplayer' Very fun to watch especially for those who have not played Minecraft much and want to see how people play it.
Had a kinda serious lot of thinking as well today, with my girlfriend and I being so close and her hating her parents we are looking to try and move out sometime next year, now moving out means we need money which is the hard part :/ it's all reliant on me being able to get a good job and save up enough money for us, now I do love her a lot but it is a lot of pressure and I can't help feeling that I will let her down and I really don't want to do that so I'm looking for any job or any way of making money that I can do until the time I start wanting to move out, Hopefully I will find something but no idea right now.

So all in all a little stressful today gunna relax with some Yogscast videos and pasta :D No real ideas on what to blog about so ideas would be loved! Followers are also loved! :)

All For Now


Cory McGuffin said...

I heard that minecraft was coming to xbox... do you know if it is still coming?

SamArmy said...

@Cory - yeah it should be coming to xbox and kinect!

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