Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Daily Post 08

Wednesday, finally got that unit of work done only two more to go! for next
Spent most the day doing coursework but some of it watching a youtube video series called:
Professor Grizwald and the Redstone Keys
- This is a play through of an adventure game which has been created within the popular game Minecraft, played by a group of people know as Yogscast (some of you Minecrafters may already know these) they have a podcast which is probably where they got the cast from their name which is quite entertaining however so far I have only really watched this series of videos.
Heres a link to part 1, its 6 parts long doesn't really take too long to watch and the commentary and jokes along the way are great fun. I must say that I have enjoyed watching them play this more than I have enjoyed playing some games so the entertainment level is there!
Professor Grizwald and the Redstone Keys
Here is the first episode of this little series for you to have a look at :)

Anyway for those who read yesterdays post I have posted a snake game at the bottom of the blog I shall probably keep it there for a few more days so play it and comment here you're level played and score see if your the best from the blog readers!

All For Now


Zombie said...

oh yay I love minecraft!!

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