Sunday, July 17, 2011

The World Of Coursework and Exams

Time for something a little different from the daily posts....

Most of you won't understand some of this but don't worry as the key factors are still the same, the British school system is a little different to USA just think of A Level Courses as College Courses cause thats what they are basically :) 

An average student takes 4 subjects at A Level, usually these can be either 4 A level courses of which most are 100% exam or integrate what is known as BTEC subjects which are 100% coursework, Now a good idea would be maybe to take one BTEC right? Have one subject that you don't have to worry about the exam for because it is all coursework.
However I am just so smart enough to have taken 3 BTEC's and 1 A Level course, this means that I am over run with coursework which I'm sure most people have experienced something similar to this........

Find yourself always looking at the work and knowing you should be doing something but you really can't be bothered?
Knowing the deadlines are approaching but you do nothing about it?
I know what it's like, spending all day drowning in the amount of work you need to get done, it overwhelms you, makes you just not want to do any work at all.
Now for those who have got to that point they will know that doing that actually makes everything a lot harder as I have experienced putting off my coursework for both my IT subjects and my E-Business.
Now I have 6 weeks left of this school year and about 4 whole units of work (that usually take about 8 weeks to do each) that need to be in by the end of it.
Giving up might seem like a good idea at the time and sitting and playing that game you love that you just bought seems like such a better idea but really it just pushes things back and makes the world pile up on you. Trust me on this if you ever have a deadline, I know its tempting to just leave it till the last minute, relax, Hey you have two weeks to do it! Those two weeks will go so fast and where are you then? You're the guy staying up till stupid times in the morning to work on the work that you have 2 days to finish!  
It might seem nerdy or sad but try making a little plan for your coursework, say to yourself "I'm going to do at least one hour of coursework a night" An hour isn't a long time and it doesn't mean you can't watch your favourite TV show, having it on in the background for some people can be a great help, I like to have the background noise and the small breaks it gives me in my work eases the feeling of having to do the work.
Now as I said before most people don't take so many coursework heavy courses as there is lots to do because of it, usually people will be busy with exams and revising, but the simple method is still the same, small chunks and keep calm, the more you worry about the exam coming up the more likely that you are going to fail it. All that time you spend worrying you could have done some revision or relaxed to make your revision later on more useful.
Exams and Coursework can be handled if you just step back and be organised.
So don't worry and keep working, you will see its worth it in the end.
Thanks for Reading
P.S: I read somewhere but not quite sure where that the optimum revision time for the average person is 30 minutes so maybe try revising for shorter amounts of time but more often rather than 3 hours straight as this will just overload your brain and make you have headaches, Good Luck to everyone.


Dylanthulhu said...

Man I have a lot of coursework-heavy classes next semester, too. I feel the pain, I've had semesters like that before.

J said...

Haha I know exactly what you're talking about. I used to just cram all my tests on the last day by pulling an all nighter! Now I've got a proper schedule for studying and it works a whole lot better than studying whenever you feel like (which is usually never). :P

The Dawg said...

I wrote my Bachelor's Thesis this spring, so I know what it's like working with a deadline. You seem to have a lot more on your plate, though. Don't give up!

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