Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Templates + Daily Blog 01

Im gunna be messing around with templates to see what I like and what I dont, there are many different blogger template websites and many of them offer free to use blogger templates these are very useful and can help to make the blog unique so I am going to look through some of these and probably try the Blogger design program aswell to see what the website can let me do itself without having to import template files.

Heres just a few Blogger Template Websites that I've looked at so far, I think I will do a post on the ones I like sometime in the future as well as choosing one or creating one of my own :D

Hmm I guess at the start of a blog a good thing to talk about would be yourself right? Well I don't really have that much to say I mean im a 17 year old guy from England (Yes thats the UK), currently at college studying a Double IT BTEC (Coursework Qualification), Ebusiness and History however I am planning to drop History next year. Most of you will not understand the UK school system so I'm not going to bother trying to explain stuff just yet.

Interests next? well as you can probably tell from the courses I'm taking at College I like IT, Technology anything like that interests me, I'm a typical guy liking the usual guy things, guns, fire, games, flaming shooting games? haha

Don't really know what else to say, I'd love to hear from any readers however with currently 0 followers I doubt that is going to happen soon.
Looking forward to reading some good blogs from you guys and hope I can make some of my own :D

All For Now


Zombie said...

Its always awesome to see new blog templates! :)

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