Thursday, July 7, 2011

Daily Blog 02

7th of the 7th, my beautiful girlfriends birthday :D
She just left mine after spending after college together snuggled up on the sofa, it was great, I can be myself and relax around her and I know that we could just hold each other for hours and we'd both be happy. I know for many of you your thinking bleh soppy post boring! but sorry this is a blog and this was my day :)
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Anyway during the day I had managed to convice her that I had not been able to find her anything with my great acting skills she believed me, this meant that I could suprise her when we got to mine by pulling out a gift, watching her face as she opened it, now I don't have that much money right now so my gift wasn't as good as I had wanted, but she seemed to love the t-shirt, belt and necklace I got her :)
Apart from spending most the day with her didn't really do much else, the weather decided it would hate me and rain for most the day apart from a few hours around 12pm where I was suck in college anyway bleh!

I doubt that any of my posts are interesting to anyone, no followers or comments yet hoping for some soon, been looking at some of the bloggers I used to follow last time I tried to blog and found most of them have stopped apart from Zombie.
He is still posting great blogs check him out if anyone reads this

All for now :)


Zombie said...

happy birthday to her! :)

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