Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daily Post 11

Nearly put Daily Post 011 as im used to putting the 0 first xD, Ok quite a bit to talk about today.....

Firstly what have I been up today spent  most of the afternoon with my amazing girlfriend I won't say anything more as I doubt anyone here really wants to read a load of lovey dovey crap haha
After a busy night last night of visiting some awesome blogs and finding some that I liked enough to comment and follow! I've had more followers! Yay! up to 9 Followers from the time that I've posted this, I must thank you guys so much you have no idea how disheartening it is when you put in effort for posts and don't get any response.
So I thought I should do something to thank these 9 people for following me so here's a quick list of them you should follow if you already don't :) - J's blog about Anime and Manga - A great read some interesting stuff and is always updating - Dylanthulhu's blog about music - Some pretty awesome music on here, lots of discussion and detail as well :)    - Choms1337's blog about games and currently Shift 2! Choms has other blogs but I think this is his main one and the one I like the most and - Cory's blog about Android Apps and the second one is his new one, only just began seems quite interesting check it out! :) - Byakuya's index of blogs which has been done nicely to so I didn't have to try and choose one of the blogs to include! - Zombie's blog about all things Zombie! - Claude's blog about Anime and Manga - another awesome one! - tamezisclutch's blog about Life and Other Random Stuff :D

Thank you to you all, I have had some others comment but not follow maybe they will later :)

I hope you have read my rather large post about exams and coursework don't worry if its too much text that you can't be bothered to read I won't be too upset :'(.....

xD jokes :)

All For Now
P.S. New Game at the bottom of the blog....Your Highest scores? Comment Below!


Byakuya said...

I was halfway through my comment when I saw my index haha, thanks for including it!

I got to 2000 points on tetris till I realised I should be doing some work haha

Keep up the hard work!

Shaw said...

Nice blog

rooble said...

Here's another follower, you seem interesting enough. :D

gog said...

those games make me mental, but i still love 'em.
I like your blog :)

Major.Mack said...

yeah, nice.

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

you ought to hop around the blogosphere a little, and leave comments that include the fact that you are now following them. trust me you will gain followers quickly.

J said...

My blog is first!! :o
I must be awesome (not really). I will definitely be checking out the blogs listed here!~
I'm always on the lookout for awesome blogs.

StigmataHandjob said...

And yet another follower!

Dylanthulhu said...

As old as this is... I just realized I was mentioned! Thanks for including meee! :-D

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