Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daily Post 19

Today started out with excitement as I thought I was going to see my girlfriend today, I woke up so happy it was crazy with a few texts to her I had decided to lazy around and get ready later, but then when it got to later I got a text which basically said she might be able to see me, at this point I was thinking 'I knew something would happen blehh ffs' and lots more but it turns out she did get here so YAY :D it's crazy how much I can miss her in such a short time.
Well shes gone now, left about an hour ago after we had some Pizza so apart from this I've spent most my day doing exactly what I did for the last few days, LoL and Yogscast, Watched some of Torchwood as well (If you don't know what that is google it, I may do a post on it later) 

Working on something to post on next weeks Minecraft Monday, it's not that great but something I did haha
Will probably go for another few games of LoL before bed.

Oh by the way I completed that Zombie game I posted, cause I so didn't stay up till 2am to race my friend at who could beat it first......>.>

All For Now


my day in a sentence said...

Wait, why can't the two of you meet regularly?

Zombie said...

Looking forward to minecraft monday!!

Haven said...

Oooh talk about Torchwood. I've never seen it but I've heard of it!

Shaw said...

I need to start watching miracle day.

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