Saturday, July 9, 2011

Daily Post 04

At weekends especially on Saturday I like to go into town with my friends and just hang out for awhile, we go to a place we call 'Westies' which is a little park with a big field so there is lots of room for all of us as there can be over 50 of us sometimes.
Today there were quite a few however It wasn't the best cause my girlfriend is currently grounded meaning she wasn't there so I'm missing her like crazy right now :/ Hopefully tomorrow isn't too bad cause don't get to see her then either.

Anyway wandering around town I noticed that some people are so loud on their phones, I was on the other side of the road and could hear everything this guy was saying it was like he was shouting but it was a normal conversation, I nearly went over and said 'look everyone doesn't want to hear your conversation and the microphone is right in fucking front of you so just talk dont shout' but me being me I couldn't be bothered and didn't really want to start something as I wasn't in the mood for a confrontation.
But seriously I don't understand how people can talk on the phone so loud if the person can't hear them they should turn the sound up not shout down the bloody phone!
Gahhh xD
Stupid little rant over I guess you could say today was a good day, not sure what i'm doing tomorrow but I'm sure I'll figure something out apart from the massiver amount of coursework that I have 2 weeks to complete (guess I should do a little bit of it).

How has you're day been? Are there loud people on their phones where you live?
Loving my One Follower by the way :D Zombie you're blog is ace keep it up!
Hoping for some more soooon.

All For Now

P.S. I lost the game.


Zombie said...

damn I lost too...

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