Friday, July 22, 2011

Daily Post 15

A quick daily before I go to bed,
Last day was today so now 4 weeks off which should be great, relax and sleeping is on the menu but also a lot of blog stuff hopefully,
Just to keep you up to date I've got a number of things that I am working on to see if they are good enough to blog about and some cool stuff that I will probably post about sometime.
Thank you so much for you're support, everyone who's commenting and following it really helps to give me motivation to do more and try and make my blog as good as some of yours!
So keep an eye out for stuff in the next week, its unlikely anything new other than dailys will be posted this weekend out with the girlfriend pretty much all weekend so yeah :)

Anyway like I said a quick post, thanks a lot everyone!
Any ideas or anything please comment I love hearing what people want to hear about :)
All For Now


Desk said...

I will be waiting.

TVR said...

Let us all assume the patient person in waiting position. Legs up! Move over other leg! Lower it on leg! Sip tea!
We'll be right here.

Shaw said...

Looking forward to it

The Angry Lurker said...

Pictures, stories and news my friend, whatever floats your boat.

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