Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daily Post 16

Home after a busy day in town with the girlfriend :)
For the first time ever in the 15 months that we've been together we went shopping and I bought something for me and not her! haha got a new hoodie and this awesome batman t-shirt so that's me done for new clothes this year.
up to 18 followers now so thanks a lot everyone! hope that you all enjoy reading my dribble that I post here and keep commenting :)

Chicken Pie for dinner was really nice, I dunno why but pie is just amazing, i mean you get the really nice meat and the delicious gravy inside and this awesome crispy crusty pastry on the outside, throw some mashed potatoes and veg and its gotta be one of the best dinners ever!

Feel a little tired now though so not really in the mood to do very much, so gunna check out some of you're awesome blogs and see what I can come up with myself :)
Spent a large amount of time in a pet store today, the girlfriend loves pets so she had to go look at 'the cute little faces' as she puts it haha
I have to admit some of them are quite cute though xD

Anyway need sleep

All For Now


Desk said...

I don't like chicken pie, lol.

Anonymouse said...

sounds pretty cool.

tamezisclutch said...

That chicken pie looks delicious!

Shaw said...

ditto tamezisclutch

StigmataHandjob said...

That pie looks great. Post a pic of the batman shirt!

Cory McGuffin said...

Dude I can't figure out how to email or see any messages but my email address is

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