Friday, July 8, 2011

Templates 2 + Daily Post 03

Friday, A great day as its before the weekend! Had quite a busy day at school doing coursework and seeing the girlfriend so nothing really to blog about today in that way.
However today I've read on people's blogs that they are too hot, oh no the weather is so hot the sun is so bright well for me the weather has been typical British weather, random, wet and ever changing!
This will take awhile xD
Morning - Dull moving to Rain
Lunch - Sunny then Thunderstorm
Afternoon - Rain then Sun
Evening - Rain then Sun again
Crazy right? I mean seriously just choose a weather and stick to it!

Been playing around the templates and taken bits of different ones to try and make something of my own that also works everything in blogger with little effort, what I've got so far I like quite a lot but still want to make some edits till I perfect it.
While looking at templates I've found a few that I think are cool but don't really want to use xD
- This template has a nice design having the 2 columns on the left however I don't like so much, but the rest of the template looks good
 - This one looks awesome aswell the top pattern is really nice and the colours work well. 
- A random one but it's pretty cool how it looks so similarly to Facebook :D

Anyway just chilling at home now with Shutter Island on the TV watching it again, a good film for those who haven't seen it, while trying to think of something cool to talk about unfortunatly it isn't going very well.
Have an idea for me? would love to hear it!

All For Now


Zombie said...

hey! Thanks for making me the blog of the week! :)

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